Bean’s Tele-townhall, Another Failure of Representation

August 20, 2009  

UPDATE: The call mentioned below was a personal call and was not from the Bean townhall.

Marathon Pundit reported this morning that Melissa Bean was holding a tele-townhall tonight starting between 8:20 and 8:30 pm Central time. He also discovered this call was only going to be open to people who had called before today. When I heard this I thought, cool, I have called plenty of times before, I should get a call. In fact I have called twice and emailed her asking for dates/times for her townhalls and have been told each time I would be contacted when details were set. I never was called.

At 7:40 pm I received a call from Melissa Bean. Guess what, it was saying I had missed the townhall because I didn’t answer the phone. I looked back at my caller ID, since the meeting was not even supposed to be happening for nearly an hour. Interestingly, I had a phone call identified as a cell phone caller from CA at 4:05 pm. It appears once again, Bean is ducking her constituents by holding the call 4 hours early.

Since Melissa Bean won’t speak to us, we can certainly go to her. For anyone interested, let’s protest at the Lake Zurich Chamber of Commerce pay only townhall. Spread the word.

Event Description
Multi-Chamber Breakfast meeting hosted by the Lake Zurich Area Chamber of Commerce will feature guest speaker Congresswoman Melissa Bean, September 2, 2009, @ Concorde Banquets, Kildeer.

Congresswoman Bean will also be presented the US Chamber’s Spirit of Enterprise Award given annually to members of Congress based on their support of key business issues.

Open only to representatives of Chamber member businesses in good standing in District 8. $25 cost includes a full breakfast. Advance reservation and payment required.

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2 Responses to “Bean’s Tele-townhall, Another Failure of Representation”
  1. Hetrack says:

    She is the worst. I called her a few weeks ago to find out her events and was told they didn’t know. Bull. She has got to be voted out……if we ever get to hold another real election, that is.


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  1. [...] I attended the Melissa Bean protest this morning outside the Lake Zurich Chamber of Commerce breakfast. For those of you who aren’t aware, this was the event sponsored by the Lake Zurich Chamber of Commerce where only members could attend and only if they paid $25. We decided a protest was in order since Rep. Bean is avoiding her consitituents. Even her tele-townhall excluded many constituents. [...]